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wow classic leveling guide horde zone

He patrols around the oasis and has two bodyguards with him, so try to take them both out and run away so you can fight him one-on-one. Follow the road leading to the west all the way into Silverpine Forest. Follow the road until you see a field to your south. Follow it north to reach Felwood. Use it for quest credit. Enter the keep and cross the bridge. Pull this camp slowly. Keep running on the path leading into the hold until you reach the top of the hill. Accept Jin’Zil’z Forest Magic. Kill them until both quests are finished. WoW Classic: 50-60 Horde Leveling Guide. Kill any zhevra if you still need them. Circle around to the southeast to head inside. Enter it and accept the quest: Now run to the goblin to your northeast. 0. These can be started via Distress Beacons (. Behind the lodge, burn the, From the well, head north to find another building. Kill the warlocks here and especially their imps. Now run northeast to make your way back to Tarren Mill. When you have a. , you can leave the area by heading west. Once you’ve killed all the centaurs needed for Pacify the Centaur, run east and follow the mountain to your left. Also really not a fan of the kill mobs until you ding end to each levl up. Begin to climb it, but this time enter the cave on the east side. When you arrive, place your, From here, go north to find yet another tower. You’ll need these for quests during level 43 and won’t return to Orgrimmar for a while. Turn right to the Canyon and do Deepmoss Spider Eggs, “Blood Feeders”. Make your way through to arrive at Lost Rigger Cove. Whenever you’re finished with a leveling session, always try and return to an inn so you can accumulate rested experience. Run southwest from here to find the Ruins of Thaurissan. From here go west to enter Mulgore. In Desolace, the guide tells you to pick up 10 Soft-Shell Clams, but it doesn’t tell you to pick up the quest first. Fight your way to the upper floor and loot the crates. Hand in. Carefully kill him and loot his corpse. Stop off and kill any slimes you see, making sure to loot them. inside the cave. Leave the area and head northwest back across the road. Instances by level Zones Run near some lava and use your, Head to the south side of the mountain. But that won’t take you to Ratchet. Enter it and fight your way through the room. and three bodyguards. From here, head northeast until you find crocodiles. Continue on the path to enter Andorhal. You need five of these too. Head northeast to the main road. U should hand in To Steal From Thieves. Someone once said that you can’t go home again. Here, turn in. . You should also try and purchase a. . . Take a flight to Splintertree Post. Purchase your dungeon set 1 bracers now and make sure you have two, Then take a flight to Everlook. Head north from here until you can go east around the Pestilent Scar. This time keep going past them and run west once you pass the western colossal. Run southeast back to Tarren Mill (or hearthstone if it is available). Follow the coast all the way north to reach Steamwheedle Port. Make your way up the large ramp that scales the cliff. Swim west and look for some shipwrecks in the water. in the area. Go around the Pestilent Scar and go east to Light’s Hope Chapel. Head towards the exit of Booty Bay. Hey Conine. It will increase run speed by 40% for 10 seconds, but does have a 30 minute cooldown. Repair your equipment, buy consumables, and store any shredder pages in the bank. Tauren characters will need to pick up the flight path for Orgrimmar. Turn in, Now run southeast back to Razor Hill. While you’re swimming, kill nagas you see along the way. Run west now until you hit the shore. From here, go east to find a tunnel. Run southwest out of town until you find a tower. World of Warcraft site Wowhead has done the heavy lifting here, working out the average time it takes to reach level 50 through each expansion zone. Click the spirit to release it. Turn in, This will take a long time, so consider doing any (or all three) of the Find OOX escort quests in Gadgetzan, Feralas, or The Hinterlands. Go to Elder Rise and hand in, By now you should be finished with the evergreen pouch, so turn in, Magatha’s Payment to Jediga, Jes’rimon’s Payment to Jediga, Andron’s Payment to Jediga. Hand in, Set your hearthstone to Orgrimmar now! up top. ; Numbers within the bars indicate the level range. Kill them to collect 10, Now run north, swimming across the water, to reach Grom’gol Base Camp. Enter a tent to find, Run west back to Ghost Walker Post. Follow the road and run southeast until you are back at Freewind Post. Go to the larger house in the northern field. Accept three quests: Exit Camp Taurajo to the South and look for silithids. Run south to find Thunder Axe Fortress. Pick up one more quest: Go through the exit and head west. Make your hearthstone location Gadgetzan now. Follow it and kill all the wolves and bears you see. Unfortunately your best choice now is to grind all the way to level 42. The part for the D2 Set bracers is still up in the guide btw. Follow it east until you arrive at Gahrron’s Withering. Head for the northeast corner of the cliff where the river drops off into a waterfall. Turn in Martek the Exiled at 42.53. Run up to the house and kill all the elves you see. Before you kill broodlings, use the device at low health. Once you reach The Shimmering Flats, run southeast towards the center. Take a flight to Splintertree Post in Ashenvale. Once they are dead, climb the tower and kill any guards that get in your way. Thanks again. From there, go east near the Infectis Scar. Go north when you see the camp of Scarlet humans. Head south from here to reach the Broken Pillar. Kill everything around it to prepare for a fight. Yeah, thanks Gurashu, this one was kind of complicated since you don’t get Retribution of the Light two quests AFTER Rescue from Jaedenar. Go south to Fire Plume Ridge and climb to the top. Head for a tower to your right. Check underneath it to find. . – There are multiple instances where it is recommended to run a dungeon. Use your hearthstone to return to Tarren Mill. Go through Timbermaw Hold and go east to Winterspring. Now head directly northeast to go back to Marshall’s Refuge. I think you should note to turn in A Peon’s Burden at 6-1, as well as WANTED: Arnak Grimtotem at 29-14 as otherwise these quests are picked up and completed but simply not turned in. . , while you are there, you will want to make sure to kill Charlga Razorflank to loot her heart for. Run up to it and enter the house on the left. Repair, sell your junk, and buy any food if needed. . Do all the quests for some nice experience and rewards. Now you can exit the Ruins of Andorhal. in your inventory to spawn a spirit. Keep grinding here until you are half-way to level 54. Use the flame. It seems none of the dungeon quests are marked to be turned in, possibly to assist those who can’t or won’t do dungeons for whatever reason. If you don’t want to do this, you can spend longer during the grinding session at the end of the level. Once you’re finished, go southwest around the mountain to get back to Shindigger’s Camp. Complete this quest by talking to Wharfmaster Dizzywig. Also kill any owlbeasts you see for the next few steps. Now head west down the cliff to reach Felpaw Village. . Turn in, Run south from Ratchet along the coast until you find the Tidus Stair. Go back on the road and follow it to the east. Would be helpful to include that and not waste ppls time with running anymore than they already have to. Take the southeastern bridge to find a bonfire. Make sure the kitten is following you. lists chain quests that you should accept. Kill oozes outside if you don’t have slime samples yet. Kill everything you see here. Great guide! Kill a zhevra and loot their carcass. Cross the bridge and don’t stop until Strange Sources is finished. There are multiple ways to level up in Azeroth, but this guide will make things simple for you. Kill satyrs here until Befouled by Satyr is complete. Find mounds in the Field of Giants to collect 12 eggs. – Only change your hearthstone home location when indicated in the guide. Repair, sell junk, and buy food if needed. Run south this time until you find a cave. Take a flight to Camp Taurajo. Zukk’ash Infestation, Stinglasher, The Ogres of Feralas, Dark Ceremony, The Mark of Quality. You are already on the high end of the level requirement for the dungeon and there are a lot of quests for it at the Outpost. Let him attack you, then head back to Gadgetzan. in your bags to summon him. Now go north across the border into Thousand Needles. Get on a flight to Camp Mojache. Wherever you go, kill any non-elite dinosaurs within your level that you see. Run northwest back to Kim’jael. Loot him and find the outhouse behind the barn. Kill. Fight your way to the bottom to find, Run north back to the road and follow it west. Take a flight to Orgrimmar and head for the Cleft of Shadow. Overlord Mok’Morokk’s Concern, Identifying the Brood. WoW Classic: 40-50 Horde Leveling Guide. Also “Skullsplitter Tusks” is never picked up before first being mentioned at 43.39 I think. Stick to the road until you find Camp Mojache. Looks like it should be at level 31, step 10 when you fly to Thunder Bluff to turn in the quest Steelsnap. Follow the ramp, then return to Kim’jael north of you. Turn in. Use the map lying on a crate to turn in, The Ogres of Feralas, The Gordunni Scroll, The Battle Plans, Gordunni Cobalt. Leave the city and get on the zeppelin to Grom’gol Base Camp. Fight your way up the path when you see it to reach Zul’Mashar. Run north a little ways until you find a goblin shredder from which you should accept the quest: Start running to the south towards the tower in the middle of the water. Take a flight to Marshall’s Refuge. Take a flight to Grom’gol Base Camp. For the charms, go deeper into the village until you find a stone arch that leads to a cave. Now run southwest of the fields to find a mine across the road. Stay here until Scaring Shaky is finished. With both flames extinguished, exit the cave and run north. Whateverosaur is More Like It. Kill enemies inside the fortress. Ride all the way south from here and turn in. Repeat this until the quest is done. Head to the Magic Quarter and pick up the quest: After landing, head southeast to Durnholde Keep. Go inside and find the third brazier. Take the elevator up and turn in both. After crossing the bridge, go south until you find the Ruins of Isildien. Keep killing trolls until you hit level 35. Drop your answer below! Now run southeast until you hit the road. A little further west and you’ll reach Agol’watha. Hey I think it never says to turn in Fiery Menace in Burning Steppes. While you’re here, look for a scroll on the ground too. . Use it to collect a, Head south back to the entrance of Un’Goro and turn in, Now go west back into the zone and look for purple eggs. Run south of Hammerfall to find Witherbark Village. Board the boat for Booty Bay. Hey! Now go east to make your way back to The Crossroads. Run south out of Stonard and follow the road to Blasted Lands. Take a flight to Gadgetzan. This will take you to friendly status. Pass the yeti cave and keep going south until you find hippogryphs in the Frayfeather Highlands. i dont see a point in the guide when you turn in to steal from thieves? The level listed next to each item is when you will need it during the guide. Go pick up the flight path and fly to Camp Taurajo. Follow it as you cross the bridge into Eastern Plaguelands. When you arrive, turn in, Continue following the road east until you get to Chillwind Camp. When ready to go, take a flight to Ratchet. After the path stops going to the east, run south to reach Kolkar Village. Use the green barrel that appears to turn in, Pick up the next quest: the next sequence of. Keep killing harpies in the Roguefeather Den until you need just 4,000 experience to reach level 32. Turn in, of the caves in Dreadmaul Rock. Accept the quest: Run west all the way back to Flame Crest. Great guide thank you. Run southwest out of Tarren Mill. !, any further recommendations for a undead mage ? Head north to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in, Head north until you reach Jaedenar. Now enter the cave and follow it through. Zapper Fuel is picked up at level 54, but the guide doesn’t have us do anything with it. . Follow the shore south until you find a shipwreck. We’ve got that fixed and thank you very much for the catch. The guide mentions turning to “To Steal From Thieves” in order to reach level 36, but it doesn’t actually tell you to kill the required targets until you are already level 36. Eventually you will arrive at Revantusk Village. Return and turn it in, accept News for Frizzle. Fight your way to the cauldron in the field. While detailing every single quest and the optimal leveling routes is beyond its scope, you can find detailed talent builds for all tastes, their rotations and which skills to buy, as well as guides for class quests and weapons below. This was a really good suggestion and the guide has been updated to reflect it. Keep running south next to the coast until you reach Northwatch Hold. Kill centaur back east around the fungal spores until you are level 13. Thank you for this guide! Follow it northwest until you reach the Ruins of Zuuldaia. This will lead to another short quest later on, which you should do as soon as it is convenient. Pick up the quest: On the way west, kill all the elementals you see. Follow it to enter The Hinterlands. This guide takes chain quests into consideration and. Make your way to the center and kill everything in the room. Teleport to Orgrimmar. Once there, run directly north to reach Valormok. who spawned where you were previously standing. Pick up the quest: . Follow it all the way through the mountains and keep doing so as it opens up into a clearing. Go down the slope on the south side to enter. right next to you. Interact with the corpse for Lost in Battle. Kill all the yetis around here to finish up The Mark of Quality. Run south back to the road and start following it east. Turn in. Head to Elder Rise and turn in, Now get on a flight to Marshall’s Refuge. Go to the south part of town to find Mankrik for two more quests to accept: . Set your hearthstone to The Crossroads now. Go all the way through the clearing and enter each tent you see. Stay in the area and kill trolls until Zanzil’s Secret is finished. Once you’re finished with Betrayed, Kim’jael Indeed, and have four bubbles of experience towards level 54, run south of the elf camp. Underneath will be the. After reaching level 16 start heading west. Go along it to access Balia’mah Ruins. I will be posting some remarks. . Kill them and the tigers nearby until you Mok’thardin’s Enchantment and Panther Mastery are finished. Starting killing the satyrs here and look for. Head to the inn and set your hearthstone to Undercity. Go straight east until you arrive at Light’s Hope Chapel. Head straight west from the camp to find a plateau with tigers and panthers for the quests you just got. Individual Class Steps - So far we have all the Horde and Alliance starting zones complete with all class steps. Wait for him to be alone, then kill and loot him. Kill any dwarves you encounter. Once finished, keep running north until you hit the Stagnant Oasis. Talk to your trainer and hand the quest in. Exit the lake via the north coast. Through Dun Algaz, enter Loch Modan. Changes have been made to the guide directing players to the dungeon, along with some suggested quests for it. Alternatively you can also do. Now follow the road north to Razor Hill. Now go west to return to Mor’shan Rampart. Look for the stronger alphas and kill five. . Look near the southwest corner of it for an egg. If they aren’t here, head south and check the boat. Sorry about that, happened during one of our updates to the guides. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Continue running straight to reach the Ruins of Ravenwind. Keep an eye on. Use your hearthstone to return to Orgrimmar. Depending on what dungeon you did, you may not need to do this at all. Inspect the kodo when Scrabblescrew prompts you to. Kill Echeyakee and loot his body. Turn in. Remember to kill any silly enemy that gets in your way. Leave the post and run southwest until you get to the road. If you aren’t yet level 18, continue killing spiders in the area until you are. Go back on the road south and follow it until it splits into two. Fight your way inside the main building here. Turn in, When you arrive, go to elder rise and turn in, Go back to the flightmaster and take a flight to Orgrimmar. Kill him and any other councilmen you need for the quest. I just finished two characters who clocked in 13h 38m (Monk) and 12h 45m (Druid) respectively, exclusively doing questing in Vanilla zones. Now head northwest to get back to Stonard. Classic WoW Leveling Methods In Classic WoW, there are two popular leveling dungeon methods: Doing quests, or spamming dungeons. If you have any combinable chapters, do so now to save space. Kill the, . Use your swim speed and/or underwater breathing potions now. Once you arrive at Tiragarde Keep, kill and loot all the humans you find. Run inside to the flight master and accept the quest: Take a flight to Tarren Mill. Head west along the road to return to The Bulwark. Repeat this until you have five of them. Go north out of The Crossroads until you see a camp of quilboars to your right. Just grind on trolls for a while outside the crypt to compensate. Cross it, then head southwest. This guide is for those who prefer to grind out their levels. Enter the opening in the mountain.” should probably be “see some centaurs” (or half-humans)! Immediately hand in Scholomance. Along the shore do Seeping Corruption. Go back to the road and follow it to Jaedenar. Run west from the farm to reach Northfold Manor. Enter the lake you see there and find. Hand in. Accept the quest: . Once you pass The Cauldron, start running southeast. the guide has been working wonderfully at this point, there doesnt seem to be anything connected to the rest of the guide with this quest so i have skipped it for now. This article is a list of all zones by level. Keep going until you find a bridge. Run mostly west and a little to the south to reach the yeti caves again. . . Run northwest back to the goblin and turn in. Kill and loot them both to get their heads. I think there’s an error with 38.4/38.15, it is assumed that “Some Assembly Required” was picked up but the pickup isn’t done in the guide (at least I didn’t have it and can’t find it with ctrl+f). Now dive into the water and look around until you find some ruins. Run southwest from here to reach Dun Garok. Follow the path and start killing all the nagas. Run northwest around the mountain until you find a large purple dome. Get on a flight to Splintertree Post. Head into the outpost and learn the flightpath. Search for the. At this point, you should definitely get a group for Maraudon for loot and quests. At 28.50 accept A Meeting with the Master. from the tauren here. You’re right. Continue grinding here until level 44. Once you get there, go east to reach the Pool of Tears. Enter the cave and follow it until you see water. Go back across the bridge and recross the northern bridge where you originally came from. Cross the bridge, then head northeast to find Shatter Scar Vale. Turn in, . The Stagnant Oasis is one of the best places to grind for your level, so you’ll want to kill centaurs and turtles in the area until you reach level 16. Turn around and run east, hugging the mountain on your left. Kill the satyrs here to complete A Land Filled With Hatred. Now you’ll head west to find a larger building up on a small hill. Stay killing stuff here until all three remaining quests are done. . Kill ogres here until The Defense of Grom’gol is done. until you need 10,000 experience to reach level 43. Turn in, Now run northeast to find Kormek’s Hut again. Turn in. Use your. From Ratchet, start going southwest to reach The Stagnant Oasis. You need to loot a. from the yetis here, which will likely take several kills. Immediately run away and go east to Everlook. Stop off when you see a camp of gnomes. Head back into the cave and turn right. Undead and tauren characters can follow this guide if you jump in at level 12. The guide is really well written and very helpful. Look for a tower south of you and run over there to find another pool. Follow the road southeast out of the village. You’re 100% correct, those quests just aren’t there. Stop when you reach Darkcloud Pinnacle. You’ll also find at least one quest for BFD at Sunrock Retreat called. Quick Facts; Table of Contents; Guide Navigation; This WoW guide covers how to level … . Run south back to the road. Exit Thunder Ridge the way you came. Kill the trolls here for Call to Arms. Go to the water there and use your, Head directly south from Gadgetzan. In this camp, you need to kill, Once Kreenig Snarlsnout is dead, make sure to loot his body and then search around for a stack of supply crates for Supplies for the Crossroads. Stop at the Ruins of Constellas and fight your way through to the moonwell again. Look for. Head south out of town until you can go west past the Pestilent Scar. Clear the gorillas you see and keep going to find, Finish the escort, then immediately hand in, Run southwest to the river past the tar pools and cross it. Return to the road and follow it north back to Splintertree Post. Repeat this until you pick up a, . At level 16, line 10, the quest “Raptor Horns” is not marked blue. Return the road to the west once finished. When you see the yeti cave, get off the road and kill yetis. Do this until the quest is finished. Now go north until you reach Apocryphan’s Rest. Kill all the dragonkin you see here too. Look for. Turn in, At this point, you should get a group for. With it chasing you, run to the Forsaken Camp for help. Stay in the area until you’ve killed enough Plaguehounds and Noxious Plaguebats for your quests. Kill and loot the, Circle around to the north of Dreadmaul Rock to locate. . Fight through it to find. Fight you way towards the tower and wait for, Use your hearthstone to return to Undercity. Go further north until you find the Northridge Lumber Mill. Whenever questing in Western or Eastern Plaguelands, equip the. Head north at the river and turn in. Once you reach Ratchet, the escort will be complete. Run west until you hit the mountain, then go north. Next you’ll take a lengthy detour into Ashenvale to complete the quest you just picked up, primarily for the flightpaths you’ll pick up along the way. Once you find the quilboar camp, kill them for their tusks and. Kill Noboru and loot him for his cudgel. Follow the road leading back to Splintertree Post. Wait a minute, then accept the next quest: Take a flight to Shadowprey Village. Enter the city and take a flight to Hammerfall. Eventually you should find a bunch of yetis here. Once you have 10, exit the water and go southeast until you find Misty Reed Post. Head towards the exit again, but before leaving, go to the forge. Follow the mountain until you are on the other side, then proceed west to reach The Crossroads. Thanks so much for catching that for us! Use the horn to summon an elite harpy. Leveling: List of Classic Dungeon Quests guide, Incendosaurs? Look for the pool of water south of here. Leave the tunnel and enter the other tunnel. The hardest is. Take the southwest path out of the town to enter The Charred Vale. Enter it to find another note in a chest. Inside is, . Kill everything in the top room and loot the rod at the top. You’ll probably need to purchase these from the auction house, but they aren’t too expensive and are well worth the experience and convenience they offer for following this guide. Kill all 30 of your murlocs along this shore. If you’re having trouble with leveling, perhaps you might try running Blackfathom Deeps? From the tar pools, head southeast to find a run-down encampment. Yeah, the language here was kind of confusing, wasn’t it? Ignore his bodyguards and run away after looting. He has the quest: Run southeast now until you reach Bael Modan. There are a few places where this affects the guide, but we’ll explain them when it happens. Kill Oasis Snapjaws until you have enough shells to complete Altered Beings. Now you can leave by taking a flight to Camp Mojache. Fight your way into the fortress and enter a side room. From here, go south until you’re run into the  east road out of Crossroads, then go east on the road towards Ratchet. I haven’t done any of these quests yet. Burn that too and then return to the lodge entrance. Both logs are guarded by three nagas. Run east and make your way back up the cliff. Follow it into Eastern Plaguelands. Head back to Grom’gol Base Camp by running east. Keep going until you find ruins with trolls. Go inside the inn and set your hearthstone to Razor Hill. Now head east to Fire Plume Ridge and make your way to the southern base. Once you arrive, turn in. Safety, you are 100% correct. Keep grinding elves until you are four bubbles into level 53. Don't forget, if … Keep going west to find Silverwing Outpost. Turn in, Head west to get back to Stonard. Currently level 47 on my druid! Leave the area and head north back towards Bloodvenom River. Follow the road northwest all the way out of Thousand Needles and into Feralas. . Make your way down and kill any elementals, golems, and dwarves that you see. Kill the pirates and use the. Once you’re back in town, turn in. now to raise your reputation with the Gelkis Centaurs. Once your quests are done, keep grinding on the elementals here to reach level 41. Ignore the quest for now, but you will return to do it later. Once you arrive, take a flight to Kargath. Am i right or i missed something ? This will spawn four waves of enemies, very difficult to do solo. Make your way up the bluff across multiple bridges until you reach a plateau with two routes to take. It has spoiled me though as I cannot find an alliance equivalent. Turn in. Following the road heading deeper east into Western Plaguelands. If it makes you feel any better, this confused the heck out of us at first too. Hearthstone back to Orgrimmar when you are done. Turn in, Follow the road north all the way to Camp Taurajo. Right before crossing zones, you’ll notice a quest giver on the side of the road. Leave the cave and follow the path you came from. Keep going until you’re nearly back to Ghost Walker Post. Grind on enemies in the area until you are level 33. Eventually you will find. Continue killing the lookouts and steamsmiths until you have a spyglass and tuyere. Keep running until you see a furbolg offering you the quest: across the road from the Emerald Sanctuary. When you see a small camp with three raptors around it, you’ve reached the right spot.

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